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hey look at me! i got a webpage

this is eddy's web page.

that's right even though I am a WUSSY, I do like Red Meat.
i have a friend who is definitely not a WUSSY, see for yourself.
POP QUIZ: guess who helped me make this page, i'll give you one hint... he's not a wussy.

this portion of my webpage was made possible by will's homepage helpline

alright now, let's get down to this webpage business. well, let's see, this is a pretty useless webpage. i don't even know why i'm making a webpage, i should be doing something more productive, like homework, or looking for a job. moving right along, i don't really have anything important to say, i just feel like having a webpage. so here it is. well now, what exactly makes a webpage? let's see, i'll need some pictures, a link or two, and some words. hmm... i got it, i'll tell you a little about myself! my name is eddy, i was born in october of 1978 (so if you wanna know my age, just do the math) i live in miami, and i go to school at Florida International University. that's me in a nutshell.

if any of you are wondering what a veritek is, here ya go

home... me... links...

alright, i got words, links, and a picture. i think this is a pretty good start, do you?
if you have something to say, then just e-mail me or something