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all about eddy

name: eduardo
age: 19
location: miami, fl
more exact location: in my room, in front of my computer
height: 6 feet 0 inches
disposition: laid back
icq number: 1749483
past schooling: miami coral park senior high
graduating class: 1997
graduating rank: 52-53ish
present schooling: florida international university
favorite genres of music: punk and ska
sports played: racquette ball, hockey, and basketball (every now and then)
cool feats: skydiving and riding in the back seat of a porsche 911 twin turbo
credit card number: 1234 5678 9011 1213
favorite comic book character: spider man
least favorite food: sushi
car: toyota corolla fx-16
class i've failed: american government
professor i hate: dr. gottlieb (directly related to the above mentioned class)
languages: english, spanish, and high school french
favorite nba team: miami heat
eye sight: bad
favorite jazz guy: charlie parker
cool talent: i can make bubbles with my spit
disability: i can't read outloud
current video game: final fantasy tactics
bean bag color: black
message to the world: -none-

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