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Rammstein uses high pressure CO2 to actuate it's 3 inch cylinder and send its very sharp S7 tool steel spike into its opponent's armor. The entire pneumatic system is very complex and has been altered several times in order to improve it. Currently, the system is shooting at a satisfactory speed, however the retracting process is very time consuming. That should be improved before the next event. Even though Rammstein is one of the lighter Superheavyweights (weighing 50 under the weight limit), it is still one of the most feared in the box.

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Weight Class:


Project Engineer:

Alex Espinosa


Julio Roqueta, Alex Espinosa


Pneumatic Spike


3/16" 6061 Aluminum with 1/8" Stainless Steel Bra


270 lbs

Battle Record:


Fight History