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Season 4

Surgeon General vs. Frostbite

Frostbite was dawning a new rotary weapon instead of his old "snowplow" front. The weapon looked mean, so the strategy was to avoid the weapon and aim for his wheels. When the match started, Frostbite raced across the Battlebox but Surgeon General moved out of the way. Frostbite gave chase for about 30 seconds. The crowd was boo-ing Surgeon General for running away, but all Julio, Surgeon General's driver, was doing was trying to position Surgeon General for a direct hit on the side of Forstbite. When the opportunity appeared Surgeon General made a quick manuever and hit the side of Frostbite with his horizontal spinning disk. The impact was so hard that both of Frostbite's right wheels broke off and the drive chain from the left side jumped off their sprockets. Surgeon General also lost the disk. The impact sent the disk flying about 4 feet into the air. When the disk landed, it continued spinning around the arena for about 1 minute. Surgeon General won the match by KO.

Season 3

Surgeon General vs. Mechavore

Mechavore's weapon was very similar to Surgeon General's horizontal spinning disk. The one major different was that Mechavore's was powered by a gasoline engine. Mechavore had been destroying it's past opponents, so this was going to be a tough match up. The match showed a lot of weapon's hit from both opponents, but Surgeon General's armor wasn't strong enough to stand up to Mechavore's disk. Mechavore ripped 2 large gashes into Surgeon General's armor. Mechavore had hit some internal components that made translational movement impossible for Surgeon General, so Mechavore won the match by KO. After the match, we spoke with the Mechavore builders and they built their robot about being inspired having seen Surgeon General in the past. Ironic... don't ya think?

Surgeon General vs. Killer B

Killer B had a solid drivetrain but no active weapon. Surgeon General's first weapon's hit on the corner of Killer B's body managed to penetrate his armor and rip apart on of his battery packs, rendering him motionless. Surgeon General won by KO

Surgeon General vs. Mjollnir

Mjollnir, not have an active weapon, didn't pose too much of a threat to Surgeon General. Using his spinning horizontal disk, Surgeon General was able to inflict quite a bit of damage to Mjollnir. Surgeon General won the match by KO.

Season 2

Surgeon General vs. Nightmare

In his first ever fight, Surgeon General went up against one of the nastiest Heavyweights. Nightmare has a very large diameter vertical spinning disk, which had the potential to destroy Surgeon General with a few hits. Surgeon General's horizontal spinning disk was also powerful enough to do some damage to Nightmare's armor and exposed wheels. The battleplan was simple: Stay away from Nightmare's large spinning disk while at the same time try to hit his more vulnerable spots. After a few seconds of driving around each other, both robots drove right at each other. The collision between Nightmare's vertical disk and Surgeon General's horizontal disk was very impressive. As a result of the collision, Surgeon General got launched into the air and had a large chunk of his disk sheared off. Nightmare's disk also suffered some damage, but it was nothing compared to Surgeon General's. After that collision the two robots got into a shoving match until the 3 minutes were up. The judges awarded the win to Nightmare.