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Season 4

TriMangle vs. Vladiator

Vladiator won last season's Superheavyweight crown with the strongest drivetrain ever used on a bot. Team Loki didn't feel to confident in this match, we only had one goal. Our goal was to break of Vladiator's lifting spike. At the start of the match, both robots headed for the center of the Battlebox, TriMangle knocked Vladiator to the side with the rotating triangle. This was a good fight, both bots were driving around trying to get each other's side. TriMangle suffered a lot of damage from the Killsaws and towards the end of the match was almost motionless. Vladiator did suffer some more damage from the triangle, the lifting spike was sent flying at one point in the match. The match lasted the full 3 minutes and Vladiator won by judge's decision.

TriMangle vs. HooBot

In a Season 3 rematch, TriMangle, having fixed it battery problems and gone through major upgrades, went up against HooBot. The rotating triangle was now twice as powerful and had stronger tips in order to inflict more damage. This was a very very short match, at the start, both robots rushed to the center of the Battlebox and TriMangle's triangle ripped a slot into HooBot disconnecting his battery and rendering him motionless. TriMangle won by KO.

Season 3

TriMangle vs. HooBot

TriMangle was still suffering from the battery problems like the first match, so going against the highly mobile HooBot presented a problem. HooBot did a good job of staying away from the rotating triangle. The match was ended up being a pushing contest with HooBot showing a lot more domination. The judges awarded the win to HooBot.

TriMangle vs. Battle Scar

TriMangle had some battery problems in his very first match. Turning was very hard due to the high current draw from the drivetrain. Battle Scar had a very large vertical spinning disk. The first hit between the two bots was a weapon-to-weapon hit, TriMangle's rotating Triangle delivered a hit that broke Battle Scar's weapon. The rest of the match was a pushing contest and the judges awards the win to TriMangle.