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Season 4

Turbo vs. Mongus

Mongus was a relatively slow pseudo-walker. Turbo had been redesigned to be a little faster and a lot strong, confidence was high for this match. However, as soon as the match started, Turbo spun up to speed and began moving towards the center of the Battlebox and suddenly stopped moving all together. The bots never made contact, but Mongus won by KO. After inspecting Turbo, we believe that an internal component had gotten loose and got caught on the inside of the rotating shell. Some vital connectors was then ripped apart by this new interior projectile. Needless to say, due to this match, the next revision of Turbo will have a safer internal system to make sure this never happens again.

Season 3

Turbo vs. Double Agent

Having suffered chain failure last year, Turbo's drivetrain had been redesigned to have no chains. Turbo was much more refined and we all felt that Turbo had a good chance because its mobily wasn't going to hinder it this match. Double Agent was an invertable wedge with a solid drivetrain. At the start of the match, both bots charged and met in the middle of the arena. Double Agent's armor got tested by Turbo's knockers, some chunks of the armor went flying but the bots stayed relative close together. This was a disavantage to Turbo because the spinning shell was not spinning fast at all. Turbo managed to get in a few more hits on Double Agent, but during some maneuvering near the Killsaws, Turbo drove over one and The shell was ripped off of Turbo and launched 5 feet into the air. The internals of Turbo flew only about 2 feet. Luckily, the impact didn't rattle the internal components of Turbo, so the shell-less robot was still able to drive. The crowd was in awe went they saw the Turbo's remains continue to show aggression and bump Double Agent. Double Agent got on top of the Killsaws and was sent flying horizontally at that point. But unfortunately, Double Agent was much heavy and had a more powerful drivetrain so he managed to push Turbo under the one of the Pulverizers. The Pulverizer destroyed several exposed components with a barrage of hits. The end result was, in many viewer's eyes, one of the coolest matched ever seen.

Season 2

Turbo vs. Buddy Lee Don't Play in the Street

Buddy Lee Don't Play in the Street is another one of Team Loki's bots. This was a difficult match because Buddy had a very sturdy drivetrain and thick aluminum armor underneath its cute firetruck. Turbo continued to hit Buddy and then drive away to gain rotational speed again for about half of the match. However, in the end, internal chain failure was much more serious this time. Turbo had lost all translational movement by the end of the 3 minute match. The judges awarded the win to Buddy Lee Don't Play in the Street. And yes... Turbo lost to a doll.

Turbo vs. Space Operations Force

Space Operations Force was a new bot built from the chassis of an old bot called Spin Orbiting Force. SOFO had a large lifting arm as it's weapon. At the start of the match, Turbo started spinning up to speed and both robots went to the middle of the arena. After a little dancing around each other, Turbo was able to make contact with SOFO's lifting arm. Both bots got launched away from each other and SOFO's lifting arm was incapacitated. The match continued and Turbo got in a few more damaging hits. But SOFO was never really slowed down. Due to internal chain failure, Turbo's translational motion was hindered towards the end of the match. The match went the full 3 minutes and the judges awarded the win to Turbo.