Season 4

Rammstein vs. New Cruelty

New Cruelty a box with 8 powerful motors driving 8 large wheels. There was zero chance of Rammstein overpowering it in a pushing contest, so the strategy was to aim the pneumatic spike at the exposed wheels. During the match, New Cruelty ran Rammstein into the spike strip, Rammstein hit the front of New Cruelty with a direct hit from the pneumatic spike and sent New Cruelty back about 10 feet. Rammstein was able to get in a few weapon's hits during the match, but New Cruelty's heavy armor and strong drive train was enough to win the match. The match lasted the duration and the judges awarded the win to New Cruelty.

Rammstein vs. Abaddon

Abaddon was a well-powered bot with some fixed spikes as its weapon. Rammstein managed to get in a few weapon's hits during the match, but it was mostly a pushing contest. Rammstein had some trouble driving due to unexpected friction between some interior parts. The match lasted the duration and the judges awarded the win to Rammstein

Season 3

Rammstein vs. Diesector

In a rematch that Team Loki wanted, Rammstein went up against Diesector again. Since the first match the prior season, Team Loki and Team Mutant Robots had become good friends so there were no grudges. With the pneumatic spike at its peak performance level, Rammstein stood a better chance this time. The match was pretty even at first, both bots delivering strong weapon's hits. But once again, Diesector managed to trap Rammstein under the Pulverizers and win the match. Rammstein suffered an electrical failure due to a component that had been jarred loose from the previous match.

Rammstein vs. The Judge

The Judge had completely dominanted his opponents in the prelims, all the veterans didn't want to go up against him because of the massive damage The Judge had inflicted on his past victims. The Judge had a very impressive swinging hammer powered by a CO2 cylinder with enough power to puncture holes in the floor of the Battlebox. Team Loki was still on the high from Rammstein's last win and felt that with Rammstein's weapon in full effect, a direct hit on The Judge's relatively weak armor would probably do a great deal of damage. Rammstein, being very light as far as Superheavyweights go, was able to add a sheet of .090-inch thick titanium sheet on top of the 3/16-inch thick aluminum sheet, we felt that this addition should protect Rammstein's internals from The Judge's weapon. We felt pretty confident as a team, but individually we were all very very scared inside. At the start of the match, The Judge appeared to be the aggressor, however, Rammstein wasn't running away. Julio, the driver, was just trying to avoid the hammer while at the same time position Rammstein to hit The Judge with its spike. Rammstein got the first weapon's hit, but didn't really do too much damage. The Judge then got Rammstein in its attack range and hit it directly in the middle of the bot. Rammstein's armor held up and all of us in the operator's square gave a very loud cheer. That first hit shook Rammstein's internals enough to incapacitate the pneumatic spike. Now that Julio knew The Judge's hammer wasn't strong enough to penetrate the armor, Rammstein became the aggressor. Rammstein pushed The Judge around for a little while absorbing hit after hit from The Judge. During the shoving match, The Judge accidently moved under the Pulverizers. Rammstein then pinned The Judge against the wall. The Judge took several hits from the Pulverizers before he got counted out by the referee. Rammstein won by KO. The Judge suffered an electrical failure due to one of the Pulverizer hits. During the match, The Judge managed to hit Rammstein in a part were there was no titanium reinforment. The Judge's hammer went throught both the top and bottom armor of Rammstein's aluminum shell.

Rammstein vs. Half Gassed

Just prior to this match, we were hurrying to fill up Rammstein's CO2 tank and prepare the pneumatic system to achieve it's maximum potential. We managed to get everything ready right on time but weren't sure how the weapon would work due to our haste in putting everything together. The match started as a pushing contest until Rammstein was able to get a direct hit on Half Gassed. The spike made a 1-inch hole in Half Gassed's steel armor and pushed him back about 4 feet. Rammstein dominated the rest of the match, puncturing Half Gassed's armor a couple of more times. The match ended with Half Gassed under the Pulverizers and skewered on Rammstein's spike. When the match was over, Julio and Eddy went into the Battlebot to remove Rammstein. The spike was lodged into Half Gassed so far that it took a surprising amount of strength to separate the two bots. Months of bench testing and modifications to the weapon resulted in the strongest pneumatic spike weapon to date... and this match was proof.

Season 2

Rammstein vs. Diesector

Diesector was a solid opponent with a powerful drive train and very flashy weapons. The match started as a pushing contest with minimal weapons damage on either part. Diesector got the edge by pushing Rammstein underneath the Pulverizers. Diesector pinned up in the corner and joined the Pulverizer in hammering away at Rammstein. After many many hits, Diesector pushed Rammstein on top of the Killsaws in order to inflict more damage on the already incapacitated Rammstein. Diesector won the match by KO. After the match, Rammstein's internals were inspected and one of the many Pulverizer blows must have shaken a vital electrical connection loose. Diesector went on to win the Superheavyweight tournament.

Rammstein vs. Kenny's Revenge

This was Rammstein's first match with the pneumatic spike in operation. Kenny's Revenge had two rotaty weapons powered by a gasoline engine. Once the match begun, both bots charged and rammed into each other. Rammstein actuated the spike at very close range and was able to hit a vital component to Kenny's Revenge's gasoline motor. After this point the opponent's weapon was broken. The rest of the match was a pushing contest and lasted the full 3 minutes. The judges awarded the match to Rammstein. The pneumatic spike was vital in this win and confidence was high as we were starting to realize the high potential of our weapon.

Season 1

Rammstein vs. Minion

Minion was the defending Superheavyweight Champion and had never lost. Before the match, we felt that with good driving and a little luck, Rammstein had a chance. During the first 30 seconds of the match all of Rammstein's gear motors used for the drive failed and render Rammstein motionless. At that point, Minion pushed Rammstein around until the referee counted Rammstein out and declared Minion the winner by KO. After the match, the gear motors were inspected and the problem was found. Each one had a failed press fit gear. Minion went on to win the Superheavyweight tournament.

Rammstein vs. Mechadon

In his first television appearance, Rammstein took on the "God-Bot" created by Mark Setrakian. The six-legged walker was a work of art, but wasn't very dangerous in the box. The match was mostly Rammstein ramming into Mechadon while he walked around and attempted to capture Rammstein under his legs. Mechadon was limping towards the end of the match because Rammstein broke a couple of the linear actuators in Mechadon's legs. The match ended in a judges decision, Rammstein won the match but did suffer some deep scratches from the razor-sharp tips on Mechadon's legs.

Rammstein vs. Abattoir

Abattoir had a very large rotating blade mounted on top of him, which fortunately for us was just an inch above Rammstein's top. The fight was mostly a pushing contest. Our spike did some damage to Abattoir's frame, but nothing too serious. One of Rammstein's hits rendered Abattoir lifeless. Julio, the driver, then pushed him to the spike strip and then drove all the way to the other side of the Battlebox and drove directly at Abattoir for a death blow. On the way, however, the other driver tapped out and Julio, having good sportsmanship, hit the brakes and stopped a couple of inches away for the lifeless Abattoir. Afterwards, we were praised by other builders for our good sportsmanship.