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February 26, 2002

Turbo and Rammstein on the Evening News!

ABC Channel 10 News in Miami taped a segment this morning about local warehouse called Starbot Inc., where students of all ages come to build robots and learn about technology of all kinds. Starbot is run by Team Loki member Nola Garcia so as eye candy, Rammstein made an appearance and Turbo did a little demonstration. Turbo knocked around some cardboard boxes, large rubber balls, and garbage can in front of the camera, it will air at 5:20 PM. Don't miss it.


January 22, 2002

Surgeon General on Comedy Central tonight!

Tonight, Comedy Central will be airing the 3rd Episode of Battlebots Season 4.0. Our Heavyweight Surgeon General will take on Frostbite. Both of these robots have mean weapons, so this contest promises to be interesting.


January 8, 2002


Let's start this year off right! Tonight is the opening night of Comedy Central's Battlebots Season 4.0, and one of our robots will be on. Trimangle takes on Defending Superheavyweight Champion Vladiator. Don't miss it.


November 11, 2001

We're back... again

Well, we just got back from the filming of Battlebots Season 4.0 in San Francisco. Once again, we are determined to have a constantly updated website with all the trimmings. As a quick PSA, Team Loki had a great time at the competition, some robots did well, some robots... not so well. But all in all we learn a lot, had some fun, made some new friends, and did some major damage. Several matches featuring Loki robots should be aired on Comedy Central, so stay tuned.


October 30, 2001

Robots on the Way to San Francisco, Treasure Island 2

Well once again, we prove that one team can never have too many robots, this season we will be bringing back all the Loki robots you all know and love plus one cute little lightweight that should do some damage: Afterburner. Comedy Central will be filming Battlebots Season 4.0 during the upcoming days.


May 31, 2001

We're Back

We just got back from San Francisco and boy are our arms tired! I can't reveal any details about the competition, but Team Loki's presence was definitely a plus to the recording of the upcoming Battlebots season on Comedy Central. We felt our matches were entertaining and should provide the Comedy Central audience with a lot of great moments. Stay tuned!


May 18, 2001

Robots on the Way to San Francisco

After a big push these past few days, not a lot of sleep, and several six packs of Smirnoff Ice, we managed to ship all five of our robots to San Francisco to compete in next weeks tournament that will be filmed for Comedy Central's Battlebots Season 3. I'll write more later, i have to sleep right now. Goodnight.


May 12, 2001

Website Officially Up

Greetings, my name is Eddy and I am a member of Team Loki. Since I am the only one with the right combination of computer knowledge and gumption, I'll be in charge of creating and maintaining the website. My school semester is over so I will now have time to do this. Look for many cool things on this website in the future, it will be filled with robot specs, builder profiles, links to other robot related websites, and much more.