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TriMangle is Team Loki's rebuttle to the argument that Battlebots as a game of Paper/Rock/Scissors. There is no perfect weapon against every bot, there is only a perfect weapon against the one bot you face next! Under this reasoning, TriMangle was designed to have a very dynamic weapon, the aluminum triangle is mounted on a hydraulically pivoting base. This allows the triangle to act as a wedge, lifter and rotary weapon. Our strategy and how the triangle is used can be decided after carefully studying our opponents and finding any weaknesses.

Weight Class:


Project Engineer:

Korey Kline


Alex Espinosa, Korey Kline


Rotary Aluminum Triangle


1/8" 6061 Aluminum Panels with 1" Steel Square Tubing Structure and a 1/8" Titanium Bottom Panel


325 lbs

Battle Record:


Fight History